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Tennessee Tears

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Tennessee Tears

by George John Curtis

ISBN # 0-9658302-0-9

SHOCKING! The true story of Americas worst scandal,
the sale of over 5,000 children from one orphanage.
"Tennessee Tears" is the only book written, about this national disgrace.


Witness the unbelievable struggle of the main character, "Brian",
an abused crippled orphan boy as his life goes from lemons to lemonade.

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First exposed nationally in 1950 and then buried by evil forces, the scandal resurfaces forty years later. Every major network, newspaper, radio station, and magazine have devoted coverage to the scandal. Culminating in a made for television movie, "STOLEN BABIES", that starred Mary Tyler Moore (Emmy Award) Leah Thompson, Sam Waterston and Kathleen Quinlin, this incredible story is now in novel form for the first time as seen through the eyes of one of its victims.